Distribution system

The fan distribution device built by V.M.A. consists of 4 or 5 stainless steel sections (depending on the model) in which a slot injection aeration system is placed which exploits the Venturi effect regarding micronisation of the treatment liquid.

The new diffusers which are managed and adjusted independently can be used to direct the treatment flow on the vegetation extending the benefits further and significantly reducing the effect of spray drift thereby ensuring complete respect for the environment.

The combination of low volume and the V.M.A. electrostatic system signifies a veritable quantum leap on a global scale in anti-drift treatment that completely respects the environment.

The micronised particles of the treatment liquid, due to their electrostatic charge, are attracted to the vegetation causing the nebulisation to COMPLETELY envelop the vegetative mass.

The cross-flow spraying eliminates vertical drifts. The upper devices, on the same axis as the lower, form a protective barrier to contain the drift thereby extending the benefits further.

The advantages of the Venturi fan and micronisation

Anti-drift cross flow

Cross flow reduction

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