About us

A history steeped in quality

The perfect synthesis of new generation technology in the field of low-volume sprayers, adjustable dose dusters, anti-drift inter-row weed control bars.

About us

An entrepreneurial philosophy that is the result of the ingenuity of one man, Gian Pietro Vitali, that was then expanded and developed by a team of experts who know how to interpret the needs of different crops such as grapes and olives. As early as the late 1960s, Vitali transferred his well-recognised artisan creativity to new industrial applications, leading to the successful production of a range of low-volume sprayers.

In addition to transferring his experience and expertise to the sector, Vitali also instilled in the company new productions methods and values: a focus on attaining qualitative perfection, and a guarantee of consistent product reliability. To this end, every stage of production - from the construction of the moulds to final testing - is rigorously carried out and monitored inside the company itself. The result is a range of high-quality products admired and used by the most prestigious and demanding of customers.

Gian Pietro Vitali "the pioneer of sprayers"

Gian Pietro Vitali, according to many experts, made a piece of history in agriculture. Originally from Valtidone and later moving to Santa Maria della Versa, in Oltrepò Pavese, in 1961 Vitali built the top ten grapevine pesticide distribution machines in the area with his own hands.