POWER 55.18 LT 1000 - LT 1500 - LT 2000

LOW VOLUME MULTIROW ARTICULATED ATOMIZER:Variable geometry distribution system, Electro-hydraulic control unit with remote controls for handling handling

Basic standart equipment with:
-Hot galvanised steel frame treated with high-grip base, metallic paint and transparent protection
- Central and side protection, height-adjustable hubs
- High density polyethylene tank complete with product mixer, level indicator, handwashing tank, circuit washing and can washing
- Steering capability 220°
- Pressure gauge and electrical pressure regulator
- 4 solenoid valves with electrical remote control for opening/closing the liquid
- Fan housing made of hot galvanised sheet steel and painted
- Ultra-high performance centrifugal closed blade fan in sheet steel Ø 550 mm, air volume up to 22000 mc/h
- Mechanical step-up gear with oil-bath gears and 2 speed gearbox
- Disengagement and centrifugal clutch on the fan shaft
- Anodised aluminium 3 membrane pump, flow rate 130 lt/min, 20 bar
− Lower distribution diffusers with a total of 10 stainless steel exits
− Upper distribution system with electro-hydraulic control truss for opening, closing, height adjustment, width and vertical orientation of the upper diffusers

Field test Power 55-18 Multifilare

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