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New multiwire sprayer MULTIROW 2020

The innovations The innovative POWER MULTIROW 2020 atomizer offers all the usual advantages of the pneumatic sprayer (also known as "low volume"), that offers excellent vegetation coverage (using reduced quantities of water) and yet at the same time a remarkable capacity to penetrate into vegetated foliage of high density and thickness. At the same time, however, it also helps to limit the drift effect, i.e. the dispersion of the droplets sprayed over the treated vegetation. Our VMA designers were principally concerned with optimising distribution (with particular attention to use versatility), with reducing drift and maximising simplicity and speed in the machine's configuration, such that it can perform both low or medium volume treatments equally effectively.

The machine has 3 columns, each equipped with 24 air outlet nozzles (8 per each row wall) with individual control for flow interruption), for precise and targeted treatments with a reduced air volume, thus minimizing drift. The individual columns are easily adjustable, to adapt to the easier transit in inter-row lines between 2 and 3m wide.

Alongside our tried and tested hydraulic movement mechanism produced by the extendible arms, we have now added a patented facilitator, made of hinged metal sleeves and rollers that improve the rolling movement of the tubes, so speeding up the opening and closing of the valves.


Dimostrazione Atomizzatore multifilare a basso volume Multirow 2020

Dimostrazione Atomizzatore multifilare a basso volume Multirow 2020

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