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New multiwire sprayer MULTIROW 2020

The innovations The innovative POWER MULTIROW 2020 atomizer offers the typical advantages of the pneumatic spray models of the mixture (also known as "low volume"), that offers excellent vegetation coverage (using reduced quantities of water) and at the same time a remarkable capacity to penetrate into vegetated foliage of high density and thickness.
At the same time, however, it also allows to limit the drift effect, i.e. the dispersion of the droplets sprayed over the treated vegetation.
The main objectives of the VMA designers have been the optimization of the distribution (with particular attention to the versatility of use), the reduction of the drift and the maximum simplicity and speed in the configuration of the machine, in order to be able to perform both low or medium volume treatments, which high volume ferti-irrigations.
The machine has 3 columns, each equipped with 16 air outlet nozzles (8 for each row wall) with individual control for interrupting the flow), for precise and targeted treatments with a reduced air volume, minimizing thus drift. The individual columns are obviously adjustable, to adapt to the easier transit in inter-row lines between 2 and 3 m wide.


Dimostrazione Atomizzatore multifilare a basso volume Multirow 2020

Demonstration low volume sprayer Multirow 2020

At work

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